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Welcome! I am so pleased you have made the decision for YOURSELF and are ready to begin your wellness journey!

I’m very excited to get this information into your inbox, and here’s why…I’m going to show you how take control of your health starting now!

I designed a program specifically for those long suffering with the diagnosis of Fibromyalgia!

I understand YOU really well because I WAS you…I have been in your shoes.

You want your life back. You want to be FREE from the relentless pain, FREE from the prescription drugs, FREE from the medicationside effects, FREE from the depression and FREE from feeling out of control of your own body.Yes, you want to be FREE to live your best life again!! You need wellness tools that educate, encourage, and empower you take back control of your health!

And that is exactly what you’re going to discover in this free checklist, as I walk you through 3 Pivotal Insights that will empower you and your health.

So are you ready to get started?


Let’s jump into 3 Pivotal Insights that will empower you and your health.

To Your Abundant Wellness!

Certified Holistic Health, ZYTO, EVOX  Practitioner
Specialist& Personal Experience with Fibromyalgia



Pamela Heyen

Pamela Heyen is the Wellness Professional Specialist for Small Professional Wellness Business Owners.

A qualified Holistic Health Practitioner by profession, Pamela now teaches wellness professionals in the UK & USA how to build a profitable, unique and authentic business that will support them and their family for life.

As a business owner herself for over 13 years, Pamela believes passionately that we need to take control of (and responsibility for) our own health; physically, emotionally, mentally and financially in order to create the freedom we all want.

Away from her business, Pamela is a drag racing fan and loves to spend time with her family (she is mother of two sons and grandma to Emma &Kyzer).

She also enjoys sitting on her porch just enjoying the sights and sounds of country life and going on drives though the country with her husband of 45 years, Jerry and their furbaby a 5 year old black Labrador Max. Grounded in the quiet peaceful life!

Pamela herself recovered from a six-year battle with a chronic illness using natural remedies and therapies which inspired her passion to become a holistic practitioner. She understands the frustrations, the struggles, and the emotional toll that health challenges take on an individual and their families.

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